Show that your organisation has heart

A happy workforce is a productive one

Inspiring healthy and happy workforces
We are proud to have driven over 250 million positive actions worldwide

Happy at work, happy at home, happy in life

The Vivo platform takes a holistic approach to boosting employee productivity. We believe the key to unlocking human potential is tied to nurturing four key attributes: skills, knowledge, character and well-being. Each is inextricably linked and often targeted in isolation. It's an approach that cares about each part and is passionate about the whole.
Happy employees are 12% more productive and outperform the competition by 20%
Close work relationships increase employee satisfaction by 50%
Fulfilled employees take 10x less sick days than unhappy workers
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How it works

Vivo is built upon four key feature pillars.

How Vivo helps businesses
and organisations

Promote your company’s values
Showcase your organisation's caring side
Improve employee health and happiness
Train staff and onboard new starters
Improve employee retention
Set challenges to boost engagement and reward for positive behaviour
Increase the sense of camaraderie throughout your organisation
Find out what makes your employees tick
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